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Welcome to the Coleopterists Society

Beetles, the insect order Coleoptera, are one of the dominant forms of life on earth. One of every five described species of all animals or plants is a beetle! Various species live in nearly every habitat except the open sea, and for every possible kind of food, there's probably at least one beetle species that eats it.

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Beetles appeared even before the dinosaurs existed, and now they greatly outnumber the descendants of the dinosaurs, modern birds. Coleoptera includes beneficial and pest species, beautiful and plain, huge and tiny. They have even had a role in human culture, most notably the ancient Egyptians who revered the sacred scarab as a symbol of life and rebirth.

Coleopterists are people who study beetles and their habits and this Society welcomes any and all who share our passion in any pursuit of knowledge or appreciation of all things beetle.

Summer Course: Systematics of Beetles (6-19 July 2014) Systematics of Beetles

Systematics of Beetles is a summer course (6 ECTS) open to advanced MSc. and Ph.D. students interested in beetle systematics and evolution. The course will focus on classification and higher systematics of extant beetles (Coleoptera), with lectures and laboratories treating adults and larvae of all beetle families. This unique opportunity offers students to appreciate the full spectrum of the world's beetle diversity, and interact with other students keen on beetle research. A seminar session for students will be held at the end of the course. More information is available here, and the application form can be downloaded here (applications due 1 April 2014).

The Weevil Course 2014 Weevil Course 2014

The SWRS is pleased to offer the second installment of The Weevil Course 2014. Where and When: Southwestern Research Station (SWRS), Portal, AZ, 5-13 August 2014. Organizers: Nico Franz (, Charles O'Brien (Arizona State University); Robert Anderson (Canadian Museum of Nature); and Dawn Wilson (SWRS; An updated list of instructors will be posted on this website in May, 2014.


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